Saturday, September 23, 2006

Performing Art

I am a performing art student in university. I specialize in music, there are also dance and drama. I take my degree and my future career in this field very seriously. But, some lecturers in my department seems like just want to "cheat" money from the government and done their job very easily plus, very irresponsible.

We have a showcase very recently which is an event to practise our performing skills every semester. It is a very meaningful event for all performing art student because that is not only a chance for us to perform, but also learn how to organize a performance. It was a brilliant idea to put up such event every semester!

But somehow, time passed, the showcase beginning to become something that we can simply do. The only importance there is "have we done the showcase yet?" instead of, "how will we put up a terrific show this semester? What are the preperation job and how to plan rehearsals?" This is really happening especially among lecturers. This is really a pathetique! Showcase become very meaningless. "As long as it has been done, is alright!" Nobody cares to put up some show, nobody cares to book the best hall earlier, the most important thing, NOBODY IS READY TO PERFORM!!

I saw students from dance department are very proffesional. They respect their performance. Even that they don't have a great hall, or nice dance clothes, they take the performance very seriously and they really have their proffesional spirit. Seeing them, I am so ashame that I am in my music department. We are older department, should be more experience in putting up a performance but having such good lecturers who are supposed to be taking in charge to guide us but they are makaning gaji instead, our performance is just a pathetique! PATHETIQUE!!

I am too ashame to be in my department that I hope I can graduate quickly and get out of this hell once and for all!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Sometimes I was thinking...what is the meaning of friends? How a person been considered a "good" friend by others? Is it laughing together with you and stab you at your back? Or telling you the truth right in front of your nose that you might not like to hear it but stand up for you whenever you need support and help?
It is very easy to choose it right now that you read what I am saying, but how can we see in real life? How do we know if the person is your friend? Wise people will know, you cannot observe other people with your eyes and ears without using your brain! What you see now might not be the truth. We do not want to end up loosing a precious friendship just because we observe with only eyes and simply hear other people saying things about your friend and never analyse it with your brain.
Besides being brainless, there is another very effective short-cut to kill a friendship, which is jealousy. Jealousy is the most poisonous virus and there is no cure. However, the good news is, this kind of virus can only grow and spread fast if you keep thinking the jealousy feeling is very right and very natural. So, the only prevention will be always do "body check-up" if there is a "jealousy virus" in your body, and stop feeding it with the nutrien and it will die very soon.